From the Streets to
the Suites...

Shontel Greene vowed to keep the gritty streets of Baltimore from swallowing her whole – and she did just that.

With humble beginnings, she used her wits and brain power to navigate through troublesome situations while keeping her family afloat. Notably leaving the drug game behind for two master’s degrees, will obtain her DNP in 2024 and a top 100 business of her own, blossoming into one of today’s most motivational figures of urban culture, Shontel has truly earned her title of “The Queen of Baltimore.”

A Story so Unbelievable
The press Cannot Help
but cover it

The stories of Baltimore street life that have captivated millions of people are based on Shontel’s experiences.

This is why every article, podcast, series show cannot get enough of Baltimore’s finest. The authenticity of the streets to the suites story resonates with so many it keeps Shontel as one of the most captivating figures the press can cover.

My Work


A tumultuous relationship with her beloved mother serves as the driving force behind Shontel’s rationale. After noticing that socioeconomic status has a direct effect on the quality of healthcare provided, she worked diligently to provide the citizens of Baltimore with a source of care given indiscriminately to all.

Armed with the knowledge of starting her own successful empire, along with raw will power instilled by overcoming the trenches, Shontel now uses her findings to educate up-and-coming entrepreneurs on the importance of proper business practices.

10 Sep 2021 06 hrs

breaking the chain conference 2024


What’s keeping you from embracing your entrepreneurial pursuits? Unsure of where to begin and what your options are for starting your own business? Confused about which niche will make you the most money?

Break those mental chains and learn to turn your craft into a lucrative empire of your own. Learn directly from the founder of one of the “largest growing African-American companies in the United States” in the words of Black Enterprise Magazine. Shontel Greene has successfully transformed her small business into a multi-million dollar corporation – find out how you can grow your business from the best!