Shontel developed a soft spot for those in need of care at a young age. She watched her mother develop an addiction and become a IV drug abuser, in need of real assistance if she stood any chance at reverting back to the headstrong woman she once was.

Shontel’s mother became her main influence for delving into the realm of healthcare. As she worked, over the years she encountered countless scenarios where the quality of care provided to low income patients suffered due to their financial status. From negligence to sheer lack of concern, Shontel observed in horror as these patients were quickly rushed out of healthcare facilities time and time again.

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Tired of unfair policies and procedures, she founded “Nursez R Us” with the goal of providing Baltimore’s low income citizens with the healthcare they truly require.
Low and behold – the same passion and grit that helped her build a drug empire served her just as well in the business world. Fueled by the ambition of providing the care her mother once deserved, Shontel continues to expertly serve the healthcare needs of Baltimore’s low income residents by exceeding standards one patient at a time.